Who Are We?

EkoBuilt is a group of team members who have a passion for building the most energy efficient and ecologically sound homes known to man. It is deeply important to us that anyone building a home has the opportunity to build the same way and this belief is responsible for the formation of EkoBuilt and the development of our PassiveHouse plans and materials kits.

EkoBuilt offers PassiveHouse certification on its projects through its partnership with CertiPHIers Cooperative.

Canadian passive house builder, Paul KealeyTeam Manager, Paul Kealey, has undergone training at the Passivehouse Institute and the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute. Paul’s appreciation of the importance of building homes for the future, not just for the present, prompted him to go back to school to expand his understanding of the latest home styles and developing technologies around the globe.

Paul notes, “There are many styles of home out there, and it can become confusing for homeowners. I believe there is only one type of truly energy efficient home, a home that is built to the best PROVEN standard, and that standard is PassiveHouse. Using recycled and renewable materials in a PassiveHouse makes for the ultimate home.”

We chose to build our demonstration PassiveHouse on a 10-acre property just west of Ottawa where people can be shown the fundamental simplicity of the PassiveHouse concept – a house built with the latest technologies, but easy to build and operate.

Who Are You?

From the do-it-yourselfer to the large-scale track builder, we want to be involved. If you’re interested in pursuing the PassiveHouse concept with your latest building project, get in touch to find out how are team can help.

Positive Spin-Offs

We will also be working on developing sustainable living strategies such as year-round gardening in a geodesic dome, and renewable energy production (including solar PV & bio-ethanol production). Follow our blog on EkoBuilt.com to join the conversation and learn more.

Sustainable living starts with the home, and a home should be designed to work for you both today and in the future. Contact us to find out how we can help make your PassiveHouse dream a reality.


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